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The Art of Coaching and Cueing

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Barry + Shay Kostabi
Barry + Shay Kostabi

We are a husband and wife consulting team with over a decade of experience in the industry. We teach various modalities on and offline, train and mentor future generations of instructors, and help build boutique fitness studio businesses around the world. Fitness Career Mastery became the consulting and educational platform that it is with our superpowers combined and we joined forces to elevate the fitness industry for the good of mankind. The combination of Barry’s podcast (featuring tons of free resources and tips from experts around the world) and Shay’s consulting services (specializing in program development, teacher training, one on one coaching, mentorship, and live workshops) have created a one-of-a-kind strategic solution for fitness creators and entrepreneurs looking to build something meaningful for the people they are meant to serve. We are passionate about helping studios and trainers tap into their own superpowers, find their purpose and create unforgettable, immersive workout experiences for their clients that stand the test of time.


The Magic of Music-ology

Create an immersive concert-like experience that transcends an ordinary sweat session and sets you apart from the crowd.

We have a question for you... Are you actually having an impact on your class?

As a fitness professional, you’re in this industry because you’re passionate about changing people’s lives. Perhaps fitness changed your life and you want to pass that gift on to others. And that is awesome- we need more people like you in the world!

I’m sure you can easily think back and remember your favorite teacher from school or the fitness instructor that initially got you hooked. We all can! These amazing teachers leave a lasting impact on our lives that we’ll never forget.

Unfortunately, the simple fact is that most people go into a fitness class and then never go back. Most of the time it’s because they felt lost, insecure, bored, unsure, or didn’t connect with their instructor. It happens all the time.

The question is- how do you know that your class isn’t one of them? How do you ensure that yours is the one that people get hooked on, and need to keep coming back to?

The secret of every great fitness professional is that they make their class an experience, and know how to connect with the people in their class.

They have learned through years of practice and experience how to move, speak, behave, and coach in a way that ropes people into an immersive experience that is so engaging that class feels like it was only ten minutes long! I’m sure you can remember a class like that.

Their secret? It’s not that they’re “born with it” or “gifted”.

They know how to orchestrate an environment where their class participants can enter a state of flow.

It goes well beyond the workout. It’s that state where you feel outside of time- where you perform at your best and feel unstoppable. It’s in that state that you can have a true impact on others- one that extends into every area of their life.

If you’re thinking, I don’t want to wait years to figure this out”, then you’re in luck, because you now have the opportunity to learn proven techniques to create an unforgettable class experience from some of the best instructors and teacher trainers in the world.

In The Art of Coaching and Cueing Barry and Shay break down the steps of their formula that will allow you to teach a class that has a last impact on others- every single time you teach.

  • The three types of cueing techniques that are vital to creating a seamless and easy to follow class experience - no matter what your clients learning style is.
  • How to layer your coaching and cueing for maximum impact.
  • Four questions that you must address for your clients at all times of the workout to ensure all participants are fully engaged, immersed and set up to successfully reach their fitness goals.
  • How to use your voice to create an authentic connection with your clients and bring more impact to your coaching style.
  • Insider tips and trade secrets that will make you a master at creating an exceptional class experience.

HINT: We're not really selling a course. We’re selling the ability to touch people’s lives in a powerful and authentic way. The ability to captivate people and get them to see the physical, mental, and emotional changes and benefits that they can achieve happen through a fit, active, and healthy lifestyle. As a result of taking this course and really applying the course material you'll see yourself getting higher retention rates, higher class utilization numbers, more raving fans, and have a deeper, more meaningful impact on the lives of your clients.

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  MODULE TWO: A Concert Like Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?
The course video content is just over 1 hour. To complete written material, exercises, action sheets, and bonus material, we expect it to take you up to two hours. You're welcome to consume it at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access for 90 DAYS. We don't want this to be another course that you purchase and never complete. By giving you a time limit, we want to ensure that you TAKE ACTION towards implementing and benefitting from the information in this course.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Can I receive CEUs for taking this course?
Yes! We are working on getting the course available as CEU credit with major certifying agencies. Many require testimonials and feedback, which you can help us with in order to get this course approved by more agencies! Once you complete the course, be sure to email us your testimonial at [email protected]
I can’t afford it now- when will it be available next?
The Art of Coaching and Cueing will close and not be available for another few months! If you can't afford it now, we understand, and hope that we can see you the next time the course is released!
Is the content dripped out or available all at once?
BINGE AWAY! The course material will be available all at once.
How is the content delivered?
Great question! As you'll learn in the course, there are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, and we didn't forget this for the course! The primary delivery method will be video, but within the video will be engaging slides highlighting high-level bullet points. We'll also include visual examples of concepts in a real studio. There are also downloadable worksheets and bonuses to help that information really stick and integrate into the awesome instructor you are becoming!
Can I download the training?
No, you will only be available to view the training material inside of Fitness Career Mastery University, or watch on the go using the Teachable app. However, you WILL be able to download and print the worksheets and bonuses, and in our private facebook group you'll have access to resources to help you retain the information you learn in the course!
Are there payment plans?
No, we will not be accepting payment plans for this course.
Are there discounts, early enrollment specials, or scholarships?
We do not offer discounts or scholarships. Early enrollment has already closed for this course, but if you enroll in another FCM-U course as part of our pre-sale crew, we will give you some incredible bonuses worth the price of several courses. Keep an eye on your email inbox for future course release details!
What if I have more questions?
Oh my gosh, we want to answer ALL your questions. Reach out to us anytime by emailing at [email protected]

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